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Academic and Administrative Staff


  • Mr. Xie Yingping

    Honorary Principal/Secretary of Party Branch
  • Mrs. Rachel Borland

    Executive Principal
  • Ms. Joy Pan

    Vice-Principal/Vice Secretary of Party Branch
  • Ms. Juliette Calow

    Head of English
  • Ms. Ge Jingzhi

    Head of the Chinese Curriculum/Middle School Chinese Teacher
  • Dr. Paul Chipman

    Director of Studies
  • Ms. Miao Ying

    Head of Enrichment/Middle School English Teacher
  • Mr. Patrick Brannac

    Head of Chemistry
  • Mr. Jeffrey Blackband

    Head of IT/Physics Teacher
  • Mr. Paul J. Aarts

    Head of Art
  • Mr. Song Xinghui

    Middle School Maths Teacher
  • Mr. Tong Zhongfan

    Middle School Maths Teacher
  • Mr. Chen Tao

    Middle School Chinese Teacher
  • Ms. Shen Qing

    Middle School English Teacher
  • Mr. Jonny Huang

    Science Teacher
  • Ms. Tina Tan

    Geography Teacher
  • Ms. Li Qi

    Middle School Politics Teacher
  • Mr. James Drinkell

    Maths teacher
  • Ms. Cai Xiaojing

    Music Teacher
  • Mr. Chen Xinrong

    Middle School PE Teacher
  • Ms.Sherry Wu

  • Mr.Luke Bowen

    English Teacher


  • Ms. Sophy Zhang

    Financial and HR Director
  • Ms. Joe Dong

    Senior Operation Manager
  • Ms. Rebecca Rong

    Principal's Assistant
  • Ms. Ellen Zhao

    HR Manager
  • Ms. Jessica Zhu

    Marketing Development Manager
  • Ms. Elieen Shen

    Admissions Director
  • Ms. Emily Ling

    Admissions Assistant
  • Ms. Niki Han

  • Mr. Carlos Chen

    IT Manager
  • Ms. Jory Qiao

    Operation Assistant
  • Ms. Julia Zhu

  • Ms. Juli Zhong

    Purchasing Supervisor
  • Mr. Tony Tang

    Assets Keeper
  • Ms. Chen Minzhi

    Lab Technician
  • Ms. Emily Huang

  • Ms.Amy Wang

    Finance Controller
  • Ms. Cheryl Zhou

    MKT& PR Specialist
  • Ms. Lucia Xu

    Student Affairs Assistant

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Address:No.53 Runan Street, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China

Tel: +86 21 5240 1091 or 5307 9916