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Chairman’s Welcome

Concord College is my Alma Mater. In 1998, being part of one of the first groups of overseas students who went to a British high school, I arrived in Britain with great excitement, expectation, and yet with a great sense of uncertainty.

At Concord, we mixed with students who came from over forty different countries and some of the current students at Concord are now the sons and daughters of those who have previously studied at Concord. It is this kind of cultural inheritance which gives Concord its unique and special feel. I am so grateful to have experienced a school with such a close community that I am willing to share my own experience. In the past decade, more than a hundred students whom I have recommended to Concord have gone on to their dream university and have found the career path which suits them best. I cannot help but feel that education of this type can indeed change people’s lives and this provided the incentive for me to work with Concord College to set up an internationalised school in Shanghai which shares the same values as Concord College but also incorporates Chinese traditions.

In recognition of my Alma Mater, I named this school Shanghai Concord Bilingual School (SCBS). I intend for this school to educate students in line with our motto: ‘To strive for excellence in all we do and in all that we are.’ The two schools are now sister schools and Concord College is committed to assisting its comrade in achieving top academic standards! The mission of Shanghai Concord is to educate students into people who understand Chinese culture and at the same time have a global perspective so that they can contribute fully to the development of our nation!

I truly believe that Shanghai Concord Bilingual School will nurture its students to become excellent in every aspect of their lives in the future!

Mr. Francis Ping Fan :

Chairman Francis Ping Fan

The Shanghai Concord Bilingual School

Board of Directors

Shanghai Concord is fortunate to have the support and advice of a very experienced Board of Directors, whose role is to ensure that the education provided is of the highest standard and in line with Shanghai Concord’s stated ethos and aims. It is also the role of the Directors to take financial oversight and to provide expertise and guidance that might otherwise not be available to the Principal. The Directors are also responsible for the future direction of the college and to meet regularly to review planning and goals.

  • Mr. Francis Ping, Fan

  • Chairman & CEO

    Shanghai Lang Sheng Investment
    Co. Ltd

  • Dr. Iain Bride

    Chairman of Concord College UK

  • Mr. Neil Hawkins

    Principal of Concord College UK

  • Mr. Xie, Yingping

    Honorary Principal

    Chairman of Welfare Committee

  • Mr. Yu, Weifeng (David)

    President of the Shanghai Bar Association

    Chairman of Compliance Health & Safety Committee

  • Mr. Li, Dan (Daniel)

    Senior Partner of

    Price Waterhouse Coopers

    Zhong Tian LLP

    Chairman of the Financial Committee

  • Mr. Bao, Yi

    Founder & Chairman of Cedarlake Capital

  • Mr. Yuan, Wenda (David)

    Founding Managing Partner of Redpoint Ventures China

  • Mrs. Wang, Bo

    Financial Director of Shanghai Lang Sheng Investment Co. Ltd

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