Beyond the Classroom

House System

Shanghai Concord is committed to the concept that
learning continues outside the classroom.

  • On joining Shanghai Concord all students and staff are allocated to a particular House. These are randomly assigned and are a social group in which students build up an allegiance to their House through a series of inter house competitions, which take place throughout the year. These include a variety of sports, music, art, poetry and many more. They are conducted in the spirit of friendly rivalry and are a means of developing soft skills of empathy and team work.

  • the names of the Houses have been chosen with great care. They are named after people whose conduct exemplifies the culture and ethos that we at Shanghai Concord feel is so important and who in their lives demonstrated our core values of Harmony, Trust and Decency. The four are Tu You You, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa.

Library Resources

Shanghai Concord is committed to the concept that
learning continues outside the classroom.

  • Our newly equipped library is destined to be at the heart of the school. We will be developing a reading library, but also a music and careers section as well as strong academic and fiction sections. Close working partnerships with academic departments will ensure that the generous resources are targeted to the students’ needs.

    The library will be open daily from 8am until 5.30pm and so students will be able to access materials for prep prior to leaving the site each evening. It is designed to be a vibrant learning centre in which students can gain access to high quality information and resources in both physical and virtual formats. The Reading Cloud management system will be central to the running of the library and individual logins will allow the student to access the system from home.

    The school intends to develop online subscriptions to a very wide range of academic and current affairs periodicals giving students remote 24/7 access to highly relevant and up-to-date information in support of their studies.

  • The library staff are always looking for ways to support the students in their learning and student suggestions are actively welcomed. There are also facilities for students to request specialist books.

    It is intended to develop a team of student librarians to assist and promote library use by organising special events, such as library letters, online reviews of books read and reading trees, where students can share the books that they have enjoyed. Love of reading is something that we intend to encourage.

Enrichment Programme

Shanghai Concord is committed to the concept that
learning continues outside the classroom.

Academic Enrichment

  • As an academic school we are committed to the concept that learning continues when students leave the classroom. Some of this learning is informal, but some is more formally organised through an academic enrichment programme.

    Academic enrichment can take many forms. It may range from subject clinics for students who need a little more support in a particular subject, to teacher-led clubs where teachers and students share an enthusiasm to student-led academic societies meeting weekly to discuss topics of mutual interest. These we intend to develop in the coming months.

    We also seek to enrich the curriculum more formally with participation in academic competitions. Students at Concord in the UK regularly enter national and international competitions to test their skills and understanding against a wider cohort. In recent times, this has led Concord students to participate in Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, History and Philosophy competitions with many notable successes. At Shanghai Concord we intend to follow their example and look for opportunities for interested students to participate in such competitions.

  • Students are also encouraged to participate in academic lectures arranged in school once a month on a Saturday morning and in trips which – directly or indirectly – support their subjects. This may mean a visit to an art gallery, to a place of scientific interest or to travel further afield for research or fieldwork.

    These are all important aspects of the academic enrichment programme whereby students are encouraged to explore their subject beyond the syllabus and to understand that learning is a process over which they take ownership, rather than something which is ‘done to them’.

    Other enrichment opportunities are in the form of a comprehensive programme of sports, arts and music that the school provides in the form of activities at lunchtime and after school as well as an extensive programme for our younger students which runs on a Saturday morning. Full details of these programmes are available on request.

Medical Care

The school has a medical centre which is staffed by a fully qualified nurse and all teaching staff folllow
a basic first aid training programme as part of their induction programme.


    Parents should disclose any medical conditions that their child has so that the School Nurse can provide the best possible care for that student. This includes epilepsy, diabetes, growth hormone treatment, severe known allergies, mental health problems etc. These must be identified and notified to the School before arrival so that a Care Plan can be put in place for the student.

  • Students are not permitted to carry medication or store it in their lockers

    Medication that is brought into the School will be held by the School staff: it will be recorded and administered to students as prescribed or required. This includes over the counter medicines such as pain relief tablets.

  • Prescribed medication

    Prescribed medication for any medical condition must be accompanied by a Doctor’s prescription, translated to English if necessary, stating what the medication is, what it is for, any special storage instructions and the dosage. It should also be in the original packaging and, where possible, unopened. It must also have the student name and date of birth on both the prescription and the medication.


  • Being a teenager is a difficult time. With this in mind, student well-being is very closely monitored.

    Tutors, Teachers, Vice-Principal and Principal all take an oversight of this critical element of student development. This can mean anything from a student’s friendships and emotional state, to their food intake and exercise regime.

  • We encourage students to lead a balanced life here at Shanghai Concord with emphasis placed on academic study but not at the expense of personal well-being. Our School Nurse is a trained counsellor and offers one to one support for any student who is in need of additional support.

Air Quality

This is carefully monitored

Shanghai Concord has a state-of-the-art indoor air filtration system and monitors the Air Quality Index throughout the day.

If the air is deemed unhealthy, outdoor activities are modified with no strenuous activities and if particularly bad, in some instances, outdoor activities may even be cancelled. Those children with breathing conditions such as asthma will be monitored with particular care.

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