Primary School

Primary-In 2018 Shanghai Concord will be recruiting students for Years 1 and 2 of the new Primary wing of the school. The curriculum will again be a fusion of Chinese and Western education adhering to the rules and regulations stipulated by the Municipal Education Commission. The Primary school will be run by a Head Teacher who will oversee the delivery of the compulsory five lessons a day of the Chinese core curriculum, but students will then be exposed to an afternoon of lessons and activities all designed to promote the confident use of English. Maths, Science, Art, Music, Drama as well as the essential reading and writing skills will all be used to give these younger students a sense of excitement and delight in learning. The teachers of the English component will all be native English speakers with full Primary teaching qualifications and experience. The Chinese core will be taught by experienced, fully qualified Chinese teachers.

There will be entry for three classes of Year 1 and one class of Year 2. Class size will be a maximum of 25. The students will be housed in a separate building from the Middle and High school and will have different break and lunchtimes, to ensure student safety.

As the school grows it is the intention to separate these two sections of the school onto separate premises, but for the initial two years they will share the Runan street site.

Parents are welcome to make an appointment with the Principal to
discuss the curriculum.