So much of education is prescribed, by government or examination board authorities, but there are other important aspects to education that are often overlooked. Personal, Social and Health education is such an area. Here at Shanghai Concord PSHE is highly valued and we have a full programme that runs throughout the students’ life in the school. It promotes our students’ self-esteem and emotional well being and helps them to form and maintain worthwhile and satisfying relationships based on respect for themselves and for others.

The course aims to prepare our students for the opportunities and experiences of modern life. It covers key areas of, for example personal health, internet safety and career opportunities, but also allows tutors to address matters as and when they surface in a local, national or international context. It is an important opportunity for students to voice and share their concerns and seek answers to their questions.

The course is delivered by the tutors, but is regularly supplemented by professional visiting speakers who deliver talks on a variety of topics.

Parents are welcome to make an appointment with the Principal to
discuss the curriculum.