English Speaking Board (ESB)

Just as we have been awarded status as a CIE school, it is our intention to become a centre for ESB.

English Speaking Board is a course that we will run in all year groups. It is designed to build confidence and self-esteem by equipping students with the skills needed for public speaking. Whilst not all students will go on to become public speakers, all will go on to face interview panels for university or job selection. The ability to present yourself and your ideas with clarity, confidence and conviction is an essential life skill. Equipping our students with such skills is something that we see as part of our responsibility, as we seek to develop the well-rounded, confident and resilient young adults of the future. At Concord College in the UK this course has led to students winning prestigious competitions in public speaking competitions.

Parents are welcome to make an appointment with the Principal to
discuss the curriculum.

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