• 01

    What is your class capacity for each grade level?

    We aim to limit our numbers to:

    Primary School: 25

    Middle School: 25

    A-levels: 15

  • 02

    Where do SCBS students come from?

    Following the regulations from the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, SCBS is open to Chinese residents who meet all requirements (kindly check with SCBS Admissions) and to foreign passport holders who have obtained permission from the Education Bureau in their district of residence. SCBS is a bilingual school so all students should have a good knowledge of both Chinese and English, although for international students wishing to access the IGCSE and A-level programme, Chinese is not necessary to access the curriculum.

  • 03

    What amount of homework should my child expect?

    The amount of homework varies from year group to year group and will increase as the students progress through the school. Students studying for IGCSE and A-level should expect to do independent study each evening.

  • 05

    Does SCBS monitor the air quality?

    Most definitely. SCBS has a state-of-the-art indoor air filtration system and monitors the Air Quality Index throughout the day. If the air is deemed unhealthy, outdoor activities are modified (no strenuous activities) or, in some instances, even cancelled.

  • 06

    Do SCBS students get priority if they would wish to transfer to Concord College UK?

    All students wishing to transfer to Concord College UK would need to pass the entrance examinations in maths and English, but a good school reference from SCBS will clearly assist in the selection process

  • 07

    How do you select my child’s teacher?

    All teachers are selected on the basis of their qualifications and experience. Full references are sought and in many cases teachers will be observed teaching prior to their selection.

  • 08

    Where are your teachers from?

    All our teachers are fully qualified, experienced teachers holding at least a B.A. and many holding an M.A..

    All the Chinese teachers should have Teacher Certification.

    Our Western teachers are predominantly recruited from the U.K with some having extensive experience teaching abroad.

  • 09

    Does SCBS offer English as an Additional language courses?

    IGCSE courses in EAL and also English Speaking examinations are offered at SCBS. Senior students will also be prepared for the important IELTS examinations required for university entry.

  • 10

    How do you prepare A-level students for university entrance exams?

    Working closely with Concord College UK we are able to draw on the wealth of their experience and expertise in the preparation for university entrance examinations and interviews. Visiting speakers from the college will guide our programme and students will also have the opportunity to participate in the well developed summer school programmes where the focus is exclusively on the preparation for specific university courses in such key areas as law, medicine and engineering.

  • 11

    How does SCBS help my child transition into SCBS school life?

    The first day of term there are no formal lessons. The day is spent with the House tutor and House tutor group. The tutor is the person who will monitor your child’s progress both academically and socially and who will be responsible for their welfare.  During this first day the tutor will take the group through the structure of the day, issue timetables and spend time working with the group to build relationships. They will be helped to settle, through a series of structured activities, which will continue each morning during tutor time.

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