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Shanghai Concord Bilingual School

The school is fully supported by the Party Committee and the
Government of Huangpu District and is under guidance of the
Huangpu District Education Bureau.


Shanghai Concord Bilingual School

Shanghai Concord is the first internationalised private school in Huangpu District. Eventually, Shanghai Concord will be recruiting students from Year 1 to 12, but initially focussed on students in 6 and 10.

In 2018 we will widen our intake to include students in Years 1, 2, 6, 7, 10 and 11. The school is fully supported by the Party Committee and the Government of Huangpu District and operates under guidance of the Huangpu District Education Bureau.

The school is located in the heart of Huangpu District which is a regional, cultural and international centre giving the school the opportunity to develop an internationalised education catering for the needs of students in the region.

SCBS offers a bilingual curriculum combining the very best of the compulsory Chinese curriculum with access to IGCSE and A-levels. Concord not only stands for academic excellence, but also believes in enabling students to unlock their full potential and develop as a well-rounded and confident characters ready to face the challenges of life beyond school.


Our Sister School - Concord UK.

In order to achieve the high academic standards we aspire to, we will be working in cooperation with the UK’s premier international school, Concord College. Academically, Concord is ranked as a leader in the field of education. For example, in the 2016 published results, Concord UK achieved a 78% A/A* pass rate at A level. It was also recently ranked by the Financial Times as 1st in the Top Value Boarding Schools Table.

Concord UK is a place that clearly enables its students to reach their potential and gain places at top universities around the world. Their students attend premier universities like the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College and London School of Economics. 70% of the graduates in 2016 went to the top ten universities in Britain or further afield to the USA.

With its established multi-cultural background, its philosophy of holistic education and outstanding academic results, Concord has built an enviable reputation and we are proud of our links with this prestigious establishment. Concord has a distinctive curriculum and pays attention to each student’s personal development and does so with measurable success and in consequence, provides us with a clear guide for the development of our new school.

Concord UK.

We strive for Excellence in all that we do and all that we are.


Our Ethos

shanghai Concord is a new community and will work to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding, to build a school that combines the best of Chinese and Western education systems. It will be based on the core values of Harmony, Trust and Decency, which we share with our sister school, Concord College in the UK.

This approach will offer not only academic training but also, as importantly, a personalised management style and a creative approach. We believe that this combination is the best way to fulfil our motto to ‘Strive for excellence in all we do and in all that we are’ and the best way to augment our students’ regional, cultural and national identity with an international perspective. It is our goal to imbue our students with this ethos so that they will become the backbone of our community.

Our goal is to become the premier internationalised school in China by developing a school with an inclusive culture, renowned for its students’ academic excellence and individual creativity.




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Address:No.53 Runan Street, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China

Tel: +86 21 5240 1091 or 5307 9916