Student Monitoring Programme

At Shanghai Concord we have a rigorous system of monitoring, whereby the performance of our students is carefully and regularly recorded and reviewed, not just by the subject teacher and the Head of that Department, but also by the tutor and by the Senior Management team, led by the Principal.

This weekly breakdown of student performance allows us to put in place a variety of strategies to support a struggling student quickly and effectively, with whatever help is deemed the most appropriate. We can even tailor a child’s timetable if that is what is required to help them to gain confidence and to improve.

This monitoring system is not about punishment or control, but about providing the right support at the right time, to build a students’ confidence and self belief. So much of success is bound up in a person’s level of self belief. A child who has faith and confidence in their own ability will achieve so much more than one beset with self doubt. It is our aim at Shanghai Concord to nurture such children.

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